What is the difference between Thai erotic massage and regular massage?

Thai erotic massage in Body Relax salon....but the boundaries of what is permissible are always clear and the active side is always only the girl-masseuse. Erotic means beautiful in its frankness and liberation.


The main stages are the stages of massage.

To properly set up a client for Thai erotic massage the following techniques are used:
- a pleasant sensual melody sounds;
- the room is often darkened;
- girls-masseuses put on clothes that are pleasing to the man's eyes;
- incense and aromatic oils, Thai sticks, stones and herbal bags can be used.

There are several techniques for performing Thai erotic massage. Usually the massage itself starts from the face and head area, gradually descending to the feet. Not one of the body parts will be left without attention: shoulders, chest, back, arms, palms, buttocks, thighs, calves will receive a portion of a variety of touches: from light gentle teasing to intense to the point of painful. Work on each zone begins with a pleasant stroking and ends with it. The gentle slowness of the movements contributes to the growth of sensory sensations. While one of the areas of the body relaxes under an experienced hand, the next one is already languishing in anticipation of sensual pleasure. Each massage session is a unique effect, because the master feels the preferences of the person being massaged and builds the process individually.


The positive effects of Thai erotic massage.

Winner of the Best Thai Erotic Massage Competition.The effect of the masterly performed massage does not end after the completion of the procedure itself. Thai erotic massage activates the flow of vital energy along ten median lines of the body through ten points. This massage helps to stir up and renew intimate relationships in experienced couples, to awaken sexuality in sexual coldness, to get new erotic sensations without unpleasant consequences and betrayal of a partner.

Health benefits of massage:
- relieving stress;
- improved blood circulation;
- resorption of edema;
- activation of immunity;
- restoration of the health of the nervous system;
- getting rid of complexes and stiffness.

Once the experience gained from a professional can be used to diversify the relationship with a partner. Thai erotic massage will be an unforgettable decoration for any romantic meeting. A pleasant melody, the smell of incense and ancient Thai techniques are the key to a great time.