Erotic massage at home is a sensual pleasure for everyone.

Erotic massage at home.Erotic massage at home for the many rather than salon treatments. This is often attributed to his greater intimacy. Not everyone can fully relax within the walls of even the most cozy institution. But the familiar home environment contributes to this. Among the usual things, in a comfortable environment, professional, high-quality massage will give you a lot of bright moments. It will allow you to experience incomparable pleasure and get to know yourself better.
Another advantage of the home version of such a procedure is convenience. Having ordered an erotic massage at home, you do not need to waste time on the road. You can just go about your business or relax, anticipating pleasant moments. And after it is held, you can stay in a pleasant environment for yourself, and not be stuck in traffic jams or walk along cold streets.


Common home massage technique and preparation.

On average, a sensual massage session lasts about an hour. But the time of the event can vary, depending on the wishes of the client. The type of massage and the details of its implementation are usually negotiated in advance. But in general terms, the technique of this procedure is not very different. At the beginning, you need to apply special oil on the body with light, gentle movements and massage it lightly. This will help the client relax. It is worth starting the massage with the feet or hands. Then move on to the calves, thighs and buttocks, combining directly massage with gentle strokes and light slaps. Then the back and belly follow. You need to pay attention to the neck and nipples, and only then move on to the intimate parts of the body. The process is often accompanied by touching the body of the performer to the client.

Erotic massage at home is especially good because it allows a person to prepare as much as possible. It is best to take a warm bath, this will relax your muscles and distract you from everyday affairs and thoughts. Correct, dim light and pleasant music both before and during the massage are also important. They will tune you in the right mood, create a feeling of intimacy and security, emphasize the beauty of the moment.


At home, you can do a gorgeous erotic massage.

Varieties of erotic massage at home.

Some of the most popular types of sensual massage include:
- Thai massage or "Sakura Branch";
- body massage;
- lingam.
The Thai technique is aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction. It is carried out not only with hands, but also with the help of lips and tongue. A variety of aids are widely used, such as ice cubes or liquid honey. Body massage is carried out by the whole body of the masseuse. The chest and buttocks are especially actively involved. Lingam is the most explicit type of erotic massage. It is based on manipulations with intimate parts of the body and erotic zones.

Conducting an erotic massage at home, you can give preference to a certain technique or try several at once. After all, it is ordered at a convenient time and at the right time. The event can be combined with a striptease or provide for several professional performers at once. In any case, this procedure will give the most vivid impressions and will be remembered for a long time.