Erotic massage for men - an oriental tale for your body.

Erotic massage for men in the salon Body Relax.Erotic massage came to us from Asia over 2000 years ago. Thanks to the special technique of performance, it has the status of erotic, but at the same time, it has an incredible healing effect on the entire body as a whole. Significantly improves blood circulation, is effective in scoliosis, radiculitis, salt deposition.
The essence of erotic massage for men is to achieve maximum muscle relaxation, and the effect is exerted on each muscle separately. During the session, there is a feeling of lightness, the body becomes weightless, and the senses are sharpened. To enhance the effect, the procedure is performed with light music, aromatic oils and candles are always used.
At the end of the massage, the client experiences an incredible surge of vitality and energy. No wonder, initially erotic massage for men was called royal. And, indeed, this is a mysterious action intended only for the upper strata of the population.


What is the secret of erotic massage for men?

Before starting the session, be sure to take a warm shower. This will open the pores and be the first step on the path to pleasure.
It all starts with light touches and strokes, with the indispensable use of aromatic oil. Gradually, the masseuse increases the pressure, acting on several areas at the same time. When the muscles begin to relax a little, the craftswoman uses her body. She can touch your chest, belly or booty, slide along your body like a snake or touch gently like “cat's paws.” Such actions create feelings of relaxation and excitement at the same time.
However, sexual contact between the client and the master is absolutely unacceptable. The massage is aimed only at relaxing the muscles and stimulating the nerve endings. Energy flows must pass through the body, purifying and renewing it.
At the end of the session, you will definitely be advised to lie down for a while in a relaxed state. This normalizes blood circulation. After 5 minutes of rest, you will feel the maximum effect of the erotic massage.


Varieties of erotic massage for men.

1.Traditional - it is described above;
2.A mixture of traditional massage with Thai - they additionally stimulate energy points on the body;
3.Urological - only for men, aimed at strengthening male strength;

For centuries, the influence of erotic massage for men on the body has been appreciated both in Asia and in many others. It is believed that this massage not only heals the body, but also helps to solve psychological problems.
Nowadays, this procedure is available not only to the cream of society, everyone can afford it. To maintain the tone, it is recommended to undergo a course of this massage 1-2 times a year.
Do you want to experience an incredible sensation of flight, reveal the most unexpected secrets of your body, or just improve your soul and body? Then order an erotic massage for men in the Body Relax salon. Professional masseuses will carefully and tenderly lift you to the top of bliss!