What is erotic massage for women and what are its benefits.

Erotic massage for women.Sometimes it is called tantric massage, and sometimes erotic, as it involves body-to-body contact with the massage therapist. It involves relieving stress by opening the erogenous chakras of a person. Of course, the erogenous chakra is a largely philosophical concept, but this is the approach of Eastern medicine, and erotic massage is part of it.

Varieties of erotic massage, ways of performing it.

The mentioned type of massage for women is divided into general and so-called "royal". Most often, the general is used, implying close contact with a person and the use of knees, palms, thumbs, forearms and elbows, the outer part of the wrist and devices during work: massage stones, bamboo sticks, medicinal essential oils, heated bags with medicinal herbs. It can be performed both on the whole body and on different areas: on the back, head, face, feet and legs.

Royal erotic massage does not imply intense contact with the human body; the masseur uses only the outer side of the wrist and thumbs. The fact is that such a massage was provided to the royal persons. Actually, that's why it is called that. Therefore, it was considered impolite to touch them with the whole body, the masters used only their palms.

Erotic massage for women is divided according to the type of impact. It can be aimed at:

- Increasing muscle tone, losing weight, getting rid of cellulite;
- Deep muscle relaxation, which is why it is sometimes called yoga massage;

There is another type of erotic massage called tairay. It effectively affects the body and the psychological, mental state of a woman; in the process, aromatic oils, bags and other attributes are used, which are indicated above.

Erotic massage for women in the Hot Chocolate salon. Benefits.

Yes, today there are many proposals to provide such a service, but not all of them imply true quality. If you contact our salon, you can count on:

- The experience of specialists who are truly masseurs, not amateurs. Specialists have been trained and have certificates;
- Individual approach. There are more or less sensitive people, experts also take into account the state of health, constitution, muscle tone, of course, the client's wishes and even his psychological attitude. Experts know how to create a relaxed atmosphere, attuning a person to the procedure, which makes it as effective and enjoyable as possible;
- An appropriate setting. The interior corresponds to the specifics of the action. In the interior, you will not see bright, eye-tiring colors. You will appreciate the impeccable operation of climatic technology in the room, clean air, pleasant twilight, etc .;
- Complete confidentiality. It doesn't matter if you have contacted us once or are a regular customer. We guarantee the safety of your personal data and information regarding visits to the salon.

Erotic massage for women, which is offered by professionals in our salon, will make you feel happy. You will feel the taste of life, a surge of strength, you will feel a surge of optimism.

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