Erotic massage in Podil is the quintessence of massage culture.

Erotic massage Podol.The intensity and intensity of everyday life has long become the norm for humans. Classic massage treatments relieve muscle tension and physical fatigue. To supplement the care of the body with the replenishment of reserves of spiritual energy, an amazing variety of physical effects - erotic massage - is capable.
The culture of performing massage movements with the body of a masseuse goes back to ancient Indian and ancient Chinese cultures, when this pleasure was available only to the privileged castes of the population. Today the "Body Relax" salon gives you the opportunity to enjoy ancient art in the heart of a modern metropolis.
Erotic massage combines a positive effect on the musculo-articular system with the stimulating effect of bare skin contact, under the influence of which the production of endorphins increases, vital activity and tone are restored. Residents of Podil often order erotic massage when they want to relax.


Naked subtleties. Execution technique and varieties.

Carrying out such a delicate procedure as erotic massage requires flexibility, skill and attention to all the nuances of this ritual from the performer. Before starting the process, the client is invited to take a shower, and, if desired, choose aromatic oil, after which the naked girl proceeds to the massage.
With warming stroking movements, she applies a small amount of oil to the body, achieving muscle relaxation and establishing emotional contact. The next stage of the procedure is massage movements performed by the abdomen, buttocks and breasts of the masseuse. The girl skillfully performs the impact on bioactive points with the help of nipples. High professionalism allows her to skillfully alternate the phases of stimulating and relaxing influences, giving the client unforgettable sensations and impressions. Erotic massage covers the whole body - from the crown of the head to the tips of the fingers, which allows you to achieve the effect of complete relaxation and recovery.
To add variety to this already spicy procedure, various options for its execution allow. Depending on the number of masseuses, a single, double or triple erotic massage is available to the visitor. The versatility of the service is added by programs designed for both individual clients and couples.


A meeting place for your desires and opportunities - salon "Body Relax".

The "Body Relax" salon is always ready to present to its visitors all the depth of the art of body massage. Our masseuses will come to any point of Podil and Podolsk district, starting from the metro stations "Pochtovaya Ploschad", "Kontraktova Ploshchad", "Taras Shevchenko", and ending with Kurenevka and Vinogradar. The all-encompassing satisfaction of our clients ensures an uncompromising approach to service quality:
• High demands on masseuses. We employ only attractive girls who thoroughly know the technique of erotic massage;
• Comfortable atmosphere. Stylish interior, specific lighting, absolute cleanliness and hygiene will allow you to completely surrender to pleasure;
• Ideal location - a secluded place near a traffic intersection;
• Customer-oriented pricing policy.
Relieve yourself of all the tension of the metropolis and plunge into the bliss of oblivion together with professional performers of erotic massage of the "Body Relax" salon, whose skill is capable of filling the body with energy and the soul with peace.

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