Classic massage: features of the procedure performed and the benefits of its implementation.

The procedure for performing a classic massage.The role of classic massage for a person with an active lifestyle is very great. A twenty-minute session can radically change a person's well-being: headaches after the massage immediately go away, the shoulders and back stop hurting, the feeling of cheerfulness and optimism completely fills the person. Massage in its classical version is used to activate regeneration processes in injured areas of the body, with pain in the back and neck, and with edema, classic massage is also effective. It has been proven that this therapeutic procedure has a beneficial effect not only on physical health, it is also able to restore vitality by improving the psycho-emotional state.


Four types of classical massage, the order and methods of its technical execution.

Classical massage is divided into four types:

  • - Hygienic.
  • - Sports.
  • - Curative.
  • - Cosmetic.

All four types of classic massage are united by a single technique for performing the procedure. The difference lies only in its localization and the duration of exposure to specific areas of the body. Let's consider in more detail each of the types.
The hygienic type of massage is aimed at raising the vitality and at the overall strengthening of the body's immune system. It activates blood circulation in those parts of the body that the massage therapist works with. Hygienic massage can be both complex and local.
Sports type of massage is an integral part of the life of athletes. His vocation is to prepare specific muscle areas for the upcoming active loads in the near future and adapt them to long-term trials.
Therapeutic type of massage is done according to specific medical indications. Its coverage area depends on the location of the pathology. It can be both local and complex (when the limbs are massaged first, then the neck area, then the back). Its purpose is to restore the lost work of specific areas of the body.
This type of massage is actively used in all kinds of medical institutions, it is now relevant in all resort areas.
Cosmetic massage in its classic version is aimed at preserving youthfulness and healthy radiance of the skin. Cosmetic massage can be:
- prophylactic (applicable to activate blood circulation, as a result of which the problem of dry skin goes away);
- medicinal (used to eliminate certain cosmetic defects, for example, double chin, puffiness and wrinkles);
- plastic (they resort to it to eliminate noticeable mimic wrinkles).


Benefits of classic massage in the "Body Relax" salon.

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